May 31st 2012


I want to firstly apologies for my lack of posts recently. Especially to the people that have booked a holiday on our new boat and are keen to see her progress. We have been constantly busy since the last post and every time I have sat down to write something I've been interrupted by a phone call or an email. Sorry.

However, I have still made time to take pictures, so I can fill you in on everything now. Although I think I will probably have to break it up over a few posts, so as not to bombard you.

So in the last post, the windows had been delivered and the first fix electrics had been completed. Well on the following pictures the painted oak panels were fitted and furniture begins to appear.

Painted oak panels

The panels are professionally sprayed giving them an extremely hard wearing surface similar to that of painted oak kitchen cabinets. They can be wiped down and are waterproof, the best you can get.

Fire place and stern deck

The fire surround is built and tiles ready for the Bubble stove. Plus another glimps at the back deck. I will post more pictures of its layout tomorrow.

Lounge cupboard

The first piece of furniture in the boat. With shaker style doors throughout.

Bathroom sink

The bathroom fit out begins with the vanity unit being built ready for a counter-top sink.

More to follow.

Posted 17:13 pm