June 2012

Jun 14th 2012

Sapphire Sign Writing

I dont know if I have officially unveiled the name of our current boat build. Her name is Sapphire and she is to become one of our hire fleet, as well as our show boat. As our other boat is called Emerald we decided to follow a gemstone theme, quite apt we feel. We are really proud of the workmanship and talent that has gone in to this boat and without sounding corny she really is a little gem.

Here is a little blog post to show off the sign writing, hand painted by Carl Tickle. You will even see him in one of the pictures.

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Jun 13th 2012

One week till launch

The crane is booked and the date is set. We are now one week away and all is going well. The wood work is mostly complete, the plumbing will be finished tomorrow and there are just a few finish touches to the electrics. So although the last few days will inevitable involved some sort of panic, everyone is happy, comfortable and excited about launch day.

Here are a few more internal pictures.

TV unit

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Jun 08th 2012

Progress so far

I'm trying me best to get you up to speed with progress on the boat, although its proving a bit of a challenge. There is so much that has been completed but I don't want to leave anything out. So below I have drip fed you some photos and will do the same on Monday. I promise i will get you up to speed by launch day.

Port hole liners

Port liners arrived and they all fitted perfectly. Hand made by Gary.

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Jun 01st 2012

Boat Painting

The painting of the boat is now complete and it's looking great. We came up with an initial design and although it was a little bit different, it looks fantastic.

Narrowboat paint design

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