Jul 06th 2012

Into the blue

The sun came out for us the day Sapphire was dropped into the water. She started her stay at the workshop in glorious sunshine and she left in the exact same way. When I didn't think she could look any better she sparkled as she left the shed. Apparently the weather was good luck, but whatever it was it made for a relaxed and happy occasion.

Narrowboat leaving the workshop

The crane turned up on time and the boat was ready to go. Managing the event was Graham and Justin, making sure that she touched the water with precision.

Narrowboat leaving the workshop

Graham jacking the boat

Narrowboat in the sunshine

The first splash of sun on her paintwork, looking the best she ever will.

Sapphire out of the shed

Crane lifting the hull into the canal

The local narrowboat owners all came out to offer a hand.

Narrowboat bow in the sky

Narrowboat in the sky

Sapphire sitting beautifully

She was lowered into the water gracefully and was left sitting beautifully, no adjustment needed.

Making friends with the locals

The last few jobs where finished off, such as the last bit of flooring that was left in case we needed to alter the ballast. But not before a glass of champagne was toasted to celebrate the occasion and christen the boat. The same afternoon Sapphire made her first trip to her mooring in Sprotbrough, her new home and the location of our hire business. The end to a great project and even greater team.

It you want to see Sapphire in all her glory, contact us to arrange a viewing.

Posted 16:33 pm