Apr 10th 2012

Happy Easter

No matter how prepared you are, you can never plan on the weather. I had been checking the forecasts all week and it wasn't looking good. My only hope was that they were wrong, as they so ofter are. I woke up on Monday morning to the sound of pitter patter on the window and it wasn't the birds tap dancing.

We had done a lot of promotion for this event, including shout outs on Trax FM, inclusion in the Free Press newspaper, creating an Event on Facebook and twitter promotion. So we didn't want to let anyone down. I couldn't cope with the idea of any child bawling their eyes out because they'd been promised an Egg from Easter Bunny and he hadn't turned up.

Thankfully because of the forecast earlier in the week, i bought a gazebo. It sheltered us from the rain and took the edge off the wind a bit. But it was still pretty miserable, in fact the warmest of us all was Easter Bunny, no complaints there.

Anyway our turn out was rewarded by a group of people stood waiting for us while we set up. The morning was pretty busy. Lots of little happy faces, and a few scared ones, bless!

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

Event Sprotbrough Canal

Easter Bunny event

It quietened off after lunch as the weather deteriorated, but all in all we were happy. We had some Easter Eggs left over and tried to donate them to the children's hospital but unfortunately we were turned away because it was too late in the day. So we will have to find another home for them.

Thank you to everyone that turned up to the banks of the canal, it was great to see people out and about, despite the rain. A big thank you to those who helped on the day, especially Kim and Easter Bunny (you know who you are!).

Easter Bunny event

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