Jun 13th 2012

One week till launch

The crane is booked and the date is set. We are now one week away and all is going well. The wood work is mostly complete, the plumbing will be finished tomorrow and there are just a few finish touches to the electrics. So although the last few days will inevitable involved some sort of panic, everyone is happy, comfortable and excited about launch day.

Here are a few more internal pictures.

TV unit

Kitchen granite worktops

Kitchen sink

The kitchen is now complete, although missing handles. The absolute black granite we have fitted really sets off the whole space.

Kitchen and dinette


The majority of the plumbing is complete. Radiators in, sinks and wastes, showers and toilet all fitted.

Bathroom sink

Bedroom over port cupboards

Over port cupboard in the bedroom is now finished. The doors are having their final coat of varnish before they are fitted.

Posted 11:12 am