Dec 28th 2011

The Frost is Biting

The temperature is dropping here at Sprotbrough. There is a layer of frost everywhere, including on our narrowboats fender.

Frozen narrowboat fender

Posted 16:07 pm
Mar 20th 2012

Not long now!

The hull for our new narrowboat is going to be delivered this week. lt is a Tyler Wilson, the best money can buy. We have worked closely with the legend that is Jonathan Wilson to create a beautiful design. So you can probably imagine, I was beyond excitement yesterday, to visit the boat yard and get the first glimpse of the boat in progress.

New hull at Jonathan Wilson's boat yard

Posted 12:00 pm
Mar 22nd 2012

Beautifully crafted

I love visiting Jonathan Wilson's boat yard for two reasons. Firstly, there is nothing better than entering a world where craft and skill are paramount. Premium steel, welding sparks, beautifully crafted hulls and good old fashioned hard graft, make the workshop feel and smell great.

Welding sparks and Jonathan Wilsons

Secondly I get to see the latest addition to our hire fleet in progress.

Posted 15:46 pm
Mar 26th 2012

Hull Delivery

Today was the day, and what a beautiful one. The narrowboat and crane turned up at the yard on time, all hands were on deck to ensure everything went smoothly and the sun was shining with not a cloud in the sky.

Hull delivery

Posted 16:45 pm
Apr 13th 2012

Job So Far

There's a lot of activity down at the boat yard, hence why I haven't posted any news recently. Here are some pictures of the interior progress. From delivery to the battening and spray foaming.

Hull Interior

Hull Interior

Posted 10:27 am
Apr 24th 2012

This week

Things are coming together this week. We have more hands on deck, after one of our fitters has been away on holiday, His return has seen a remarkable change in pace. Unfortunately every time i think to taking some pictures to show off the progress, I remember that I don't know where my camera is. I haven't seen it since last week, so once I find It I will show you the true, up to date progress. But in the meantime some lesser quality pictures taken on my phone from earlier in the week with have to do.

Posted 18:22 pm
Jun 08th 2012

Progress so far

I'm trying me best to get you up to speed with progress on the boat, although its proving a bit of a challenge. There is so much that has been completed but I don't want to leave anything out. So below I have drip fed you some photos and will do the same on Monday. I promise i will get you up to speed by launch day.

Port hole liners

Port liners arrived and they all fitted perfectly. Hand made by Gary.

Posted 11:54 am
Jun 13th 2012

One week till launch

The crane is booked and the date is set. We are now one week away and all is going well. The wood work is mostly complete, the plumbing will be finished tomorrow and there are just a few finish touches to the electrics. So although the last few days will inevitable involved some sort of panic, everyone is happy, comfortable and excited about launch day.

Here are a few more internal pictures.

TV unit

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