Sailing Tuition

In order to ensure our narrowboats are operated safetly and with confidence, we provide a comprehensive handover.

Initially our guests will be sent a Boater's handbook with the receipt for the holiday balance payment (made 6 weeks prior to holiday). This outlines the rules of the waterways and items concerning the boats and their operation. On the day, our guests will be given a full walkthrough of the boats features and safety precautions, followed by practical tuition on the canal.

Our practical hand over route incorporates sailing, approaching and leaving a mooring, turning the boat and operating locks. The handling of a narrowboat is very easy to pick up, however we do understand that people learn in different ways. Therefore it is our role to ensure that every guest feels happy before we leave them to begin their trip alone.

You will leave us feeling as relaxed as possible, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your holiday!